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This weeks feature item is this Ohio Tool Co. 3" Stick Chisel. They were used for building timber frame structures and in building ships and boats. It measures 3" wide X 23 1/2" long overall. $200.00 + tx



This weeks feature item is this vintage Fred Harvey era crossed arrows sterling silver ring. Fred Harvey jewelry is vintage Southwestern jewelry made by the Fred Harvey Company in the first half of the twentieth century. Sold in the company's "Harvey House" restaurants and hotels, this jewelry was manufactured for the tourist trade that flooded into the American Southwest with the advent of the Santa Fe Railroad. They used motifs such as arrows, snakes, and the thunderbird to appeal to tourists. Even though Native Americans did not typically make the jewelry this style did influence Navajo silversmiths of the day because of its popularity with buyers. $150.00 + tx




It is that time of the year again. We will be closed Saturday the 18th thru Thursday the 23rd for deer hunting and Thanksgiving. We will reopen on Friday the 24th. Good luck to all the deer hunters and everyone have a safe Thanksgiving.



This weeks feature item is this 16" diameter White Milk Glass Ceiling Light Globe. You would see this type of light in schools, post offices and other office and industrial spaces. Excellent condition with a few chips around the fitter opening that you will not see when installed. $150.00 + tx



This weeks feature item is this Antique Durex Miller Dubrul & Peters Wooden 2 Piece 10 Cigar Mold Tobacco Press. Each of the 10 spots are individually carved out of the wood. $75.00 + tax



Christmas is just around the corner so this weeks feature items are some super size Christmas items we got in. We have some LARGE outside ornaments for $50.00 each, some large lighted free standing candy canes that range from $45.00 to $85.00, a couple of large lighted wreathes for $100.00 each and a few other items.



This weeks feature item is this Hamilton Electronics portable record player. It is in excellent working condition. $55.00 + TX



This weeks feature item is this very hard to find Alenco fire axe. It is unused and still has the paper label attached. $180.00 + tx



This weeks feature item is this 4oz Comet Lighter Fluid tin. It is in excellent condition with great graphics. $25.00 + tx



This weeks feature item is this Horse Tether Weight. These were used to keep you horse in place when you left them alone. They were cast iron and came in a lot of different shapes and sizes. $100.00 + tx.



This weeks feature item is this Large Lyons Alpha Stainless Steel Insulated Thermal Food Carrier Container. It is in good to very good condition with some dents from use. It looks like it could hold 5 gallons. It measures 18 3/4" tall overall X 14 1/4" in diameter. We have 2 of these. $125.00 + tx each, or if you buy both we can give you a deal.



We had a great show at the Little Log House Power Show in Hastings last weekend. A little hot and a sever thunder storm went through Friday afternoon but we survived without any damage. Our next show is the Badger steam and gas engine show in Baraboo August 18th to the 20th.

This weeks feature item is this Miller High Life Wisconsin Badger beer mirror. It measures 22 1/2" tall X 15 1/2" wide. (The lines you see in it are the reflection of the ceiling in our store). $ 100.00 + tx



This weeks feature item is this horse hoof knocker. They were used to knock ice and snow build up off the horses hoofs in the winter. $45.00 + tx



We will be closing at 1:30 tomorrow 7-14-23 and will be closed Saturday 7-15-23 and Sunday 7-16-23. We will re-open Monday the 17th.

This weeks feature item is this NOS Howard Miller David Chiming Wall Clock. It has never been used, the shipping material is still between the chimes. It has a cherry cabinet. The key wound Westminster chime movement plays 1/4, 1/2, and 3/4 chimes with a full chime and strike on the hour. $675.00 + tx



This weeks feature item is this set of 8 Playboy Bunny lowball drink glasses. Very nice set in unused condition $60.00 + tx 



This weeks feature item is Griswold Cast Iron No. 8 Chicken Fryer Small Block Logo With # 1098 B Lid. Griswold was one of the finest quality cast iron manufacturers and is the most collected. This chicken fryer is in excellent condition. $200.00 + tx 



This weeks feature item is this blacksmith coal forge with blower. It is in very good condition, no chips or cracks in the cast iron bowl. $400.00 + tx



Today we have a SPECIAL FEATURE ITEM just because I can’t wait until next Thursday to show you this.

The best part of my job is not knowing what is going to come through our door on any given day. Yesterday this pair of 1968 Schwinn sky blue girls and boy’s bikes came in. The boy’s bike is a Typhoon Deluxe, the girl’s bike is a Hollywood Deluxe. Both have the early (no reflector) headlight and front racks. The girl’s bike also has a basket on the front rack. The condition of these two bikes is incredible and are 99.9% original. Other than a few small dings they look like they just came off the showroom floor. Once I tell the story of these bikes you will understand why they are in the shape they are in and are such a time capsule.

They were purchased together in 1968 by a newlywed couple on their honeymoon. After riding them a couple of times, they decided that riding bikes was something they really didn’t like, and they put them away in an enclosed porch. Now, fast forward 54 years, in the fall of 2022 they were pulled from that enclosed porch where they stayed untouched. They were wiped down and completely gone through. The bearings were regreased, and new tires were put on. Everything (except the tires) is original right down to the chain.

You will never find another pair of bikes in this untouched condition. Since they were purchased together and have been together all these years, we are selling them as a pair. Also included is an original 1968 Schwinn Bicycle catalog.

$700.00 + tx




This weeks feature item is this vintage Hutch Football Outfit In The Original Box. It was made by the Hutchinson Bros Leather Co and came with a plastic helmet, face mask, chin strap, shoulder pads, jersey, and pants with thigh pads. $125.00 + tx



This weeks feature item is this Vintage 1950's Jack & Jill Chow Chow Train Children's Dish In Original Box. It comes with a cup which is the smoke stack of the train, a divided dish that is the coal tender, and a fork and spoon that have the train engineers figures as the handles. The fork and spoon fit inside the covered engineers compartment. It measures 13 5/8" long overall X 4 1/4" wide overall. $60.00 + tx



This weeks feature item is this 1930's Valentine card. We just got in a very large collection of vintage Valentines from the 1930s and 1940's. Some are unused. They range in price from $2.00 to $10.00. The one pictured is $10.00 + tx.



This weeks feature Item is this baseball premium. Between 1905 and 1915 tobacco companies gave out premiums called felts with their products. When collected these felts were put in scrapbooks as well as joined together to make pillow or quilt tops. The one pictured measures 5 1/4" X 5 1/4". We have 6 different ones in the shop ranging in price from $20.00 to $25.00 + TX.

Also our first show of the season is this Sunday at the Walworth Co. Fairgrounds Elkhorn, WI. The show is a one day show on Sunday May 21st.

Our store will also be open this weekend also.



This weeks feature item is this very nice Hull Art W-10-8 1/2 Vase. $22.00 + tax



This weeks feature item is this Winfield Hotel Key Room FL12. These old hotel keys have become very collectable since the new electronic locks started being used. $10.00 + tx



This weeks feature item is this Vintage 1930's-40's Metal Goodrich Tire Safety League License Plate Topper. $50.00 + tx.



This weeks feature item is this Remington UMC Boy Scout 4 blade pocket knife. $95.00 + tax. It can be found in our on-line store or stop by the antique shop.



This weeks feature item is this double sided Newport sign. It measures 30" tall X 24" wide




This weeks feature item is this set of 4 PYREX color mixing bowls. The largest bowl is almost always yellow, but they did make some green ones.



This weeks feature item is this Ford Model T Tail Light Kerosene Oil Lamp with a red & clear Lens.



This weeks feature item is this 1944 WWII US military Folding Shovel Entrenching Tool. It is in excellent condition and is marked US AMES 1944. 



This weeks feature item is this blacksmith leg vise. It measures 40 3/4" tall, the jaws are 3 3/4" wide.



This weeks feature item is this Vintage Finck's Union Made Detroit Special Overalls Porcelain Advertising Sign. It is one sided and measures 12" tall X 9" wide.



This weeks feature item is this metal Pepsi sign. It measures 22 3/4" X 10" and has great color. We have 3 to choose from.



This weeks feature item is this Original WWII US Military Aluminum Canteen. The cover is dated 1943.



This weeks feature item is this rare unopened 1 lb Nash's Coffee Box St. Paul MINN. This great advertising piece would be an excellent addition to any collection and will display very well.


It is that time of the year when you can start thinking about outdoor projects. We have good selection of outdoor yard items, including large wagon wheels, double trees for hanging flowers from, and a walking plow. We also have new unused plow handles if yours are missing.


This weeks feature item is this cast counter top plug tobacco cutter.
These cutters were mounted on general store counters, and were made to cut plugs of chewing tobacco. Plug chewing tobacco was usually sold to general stores in 4, 8 and 12 oz. strips. The cutters would further cut those strips into salable 1/2 oz or 1 oz. plugs.


This weeks feature item are sets of Ford Times Magazines. We have alot of complete 12 issue dets from the 1950's and 1960's.


We also picked up a bunch of player piano rolls in their original boxes. If you are a Harry Potter fan and want your own Ollivanders wand shop, they could be wand boxes.



This weeks feature item is this Griswold No. 6 Small Block Logo #699 K Cast Iron Smooth Bottom Skillet. It can be found in our online store at
If you are looking for other Griswold skillets we have others in our ship in Cameron that we have not put out on the internet yet.


This weeks feature item is this Topsy Turvy cloth doll. 2 dolls in one just flip the skirt. This one was made in New Orleans.



Our feature item this week is this free standing locking message board with white and blue 3/4" letters and numbers. It is in like new condition and comes with 1 key. It measures 70" tall overall X 34" wide. The message area measures 33" tall X 19" wide.



This weeks feature item is this 1940's Keystone two story dollhouse with some hand made furniture. Keystone dollhouses were made out of painted pressboard, the windows are clear plastic.








We are back open from a long show season and have alot of new items we are adding every day. This weeks feature item is this large Dolly Madison Ice Cream Sign. It measures 6 feet tall X 4 1/2 feet wide. Due to the size it is not listed in our on-line store. It can only be purchased at our physical store. $650.00



This weeks feature item is this Art Deco Automatic Electric Monophone AE40 Rotary Telephone. It is in excellent condition and can be found in our on-line store.



This weeks feature item is this new unassembled Tamiya 350 scale USS Enterprise Aircraft Carrier with 2 extra sets of airplanes. This great model is untouched, new in the box.



This weeks feature item is this beautiful Oriental 4 panel room divider. It has a black lacquer finish with raised mother of pearl accents. It measures 72" tall, each panel measures 18" wide. This great piece is only available in our store, no shipping.



This weeks feature item is this oval oak wall mount coat rack with cast iron hooks and beveled glass mirror. It measures 32” wide X 21” tall and is in excellent condition.



Good morning from Red Cedar Mercantile Antiques. This weeks feature item is this Silverleafe Dinner Pail Brand lard tin from the Swift & Co. It was designed to be reused as a lunch pail after the lard was used up. The top lid is a removable thermos that would be used for your drink, the bottom would be where you put your lunch.



Good morning from Red Cedar Mercantile Antiques. This weeks feature item is this very nice metal Goodrich Tires Central Service & Storage INC. Gas & Oil Monroe, LA advertising match box cover. It has a 1926 schedule of drillers at home at the following towns: Alexandria, Jackson, Vicksburg, Meridian, Laurel, Gulfport, and Hattiesburg. It is in very good + condition and measures 2 5/16" long X 1 1/2" tall X 3/4" thick. This great advertising piece would be an excellent addition to any collection and will display very well.



Good morning from Red Cedar Mercantile Antiques. This weeks feature item are these walking plow handles. We just picked up 5 sets, they have steam bent handles and are new and unused. These handles are getting very hard to find.

They can be found in out online store, or stop by the shop, we are open Thursday through Monday 10:00 to 4:00.



Good Morning,

This weeks feature item is a piece of local history. This 12' long sherer seed counter came out of a store in Wickwear, Wi. All the glass and cast drawer pulls are original. It even still has the cast bottle opener on the side.It is in excellent condition with the Sherer stencils still on each end.$8,500.00.


Good Morning,

This weeks feature item is this free standing stoplight. It has a cast iron base and stands 6' 5" tall overall. The lights all come on together and do not switch between the colors. Prefect for the man cave or garage. $575.00 + tx.






Red Cedar Mercantile Antiques brought home the plaque for most creative pinewood derby car this year at the Boy Scouts Chippewa Valley Council Adult Pinewood Derby fund raiser . The winning car (wagon) was all hand made except for the wheels. RCM's other two cars came in 11th and 31st overall posting scale speeds of 188 and 184 mph. The wagon could only get up to 153 mph. Stop by the shop and check out the wagon.

Red Cedar Mercantile Antiques is located 2 1/2 miles west of Cameron, Wisconsin on US HWY 8




1 mile west of the US HWY 53 and US HWY 8 interchange on HWY 8


1824 US HWY 8

Cameron, Wisconsin 54822


(715) 458-4931

Store Hours


Thursday thru Monday

10am - 4pm



Tuesday and Wednesday

The month of January


2022 Show Schedule

May 21, 2023

Elkhorn Antique Flea Market


Walworth Co. Fairgrounds

Elkhorn, Wi


June 24-25, 2023

Hungry Hollow Steam Show

7am Daily

Hunry Hollow Steam Club Grounds

Barron, WI 


July 28, 29, 30, 2023

Little Log House Antique Steam&Gas Power Show

8am-5pm Daily

Little Log House Pioneer Village

Hastings, MN


August 18, 19, 20 2023

Badger Steam & Gas Show

Gates open 8am

Badger Steam Engine Club Grounds

Baraboo, WI




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